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VFB auto policy holders eligible for two costs-saving features

VFB auto policy holders eligible for two costs-saving features

Farm Bureau personal auto insurance customers may be eligible for two enhancement features depending on their type of auto policy: new vehicle replacement coverage and accident forgiveness protection.

Both are available at an added cost and may not be available until your policy renews. For more information, contact your Virginia Farm Bureau insurance agent.

New vehicle replacement coverage

For policies with an effective date of Sept. 1, 2017, and after, customers with a new vehicle that is two model years or less in age and has not been previously owned can have it replaced when a covered total loss occurs. Only vehicles with comprehensive and collision coverage will be eligible for the benefit.

Coverage is available on any owned, new private passenger, farm and utility-type vehicle on a policy, not including antique vehicles, unlicensed farm use vehicles and vehicles having stated amount of coverage.

The amount paid to replace the covered vehicle will not exceed the cost of a new vehicle of the same make and model with the same equipment.

Accident Forgiveness Protection

Virginia Farm Bureau Fire & Casualty personal auto policies with an effective date of Nov. 1. 2017, and after are eligible for one at-fault accident to be forgiven on a policy at any one time when Accident Forgiveness Protection is added to that policy. The forgiven at-fault accident will not cause any change to existing premium adjustments that otherwise would be affected by the accident.

This protection applies to all private passenger, farm and utility vehicles on a policy and excludes antique automobiles and unlicensed farm use vehicles.