We’re thankful all year ‘round for our members!

American orator and statesman William Jennings Bryan is credited with noting that, on Thanksgiving, “we acknowledge our dependence.”

We at Farm Bureau believe it’s an appropriate sentiment.

We’re thankful for our producer members who make it possible for Americans to have turkey, sweet potatoes and other mouth-watering foods on the table. And we’re thankful for all Virginia farmers’ commitment to providing products for the world and protecting natural resources close to home.

We’re equally grateful for our members who do not farm but who see value in supporting Farm Bureau’s work on behalf of agriculture. Strong communities depend on citizens who value their hometowns, their neighbors and their way of life.

So whether you’re a farmer, a Friend of the Farm or a Thanksgiving host who glories in sharing Virginia-grown goods, we hope you’ll accept our heartfelt holiday greeting.

From our family to yours: A very happy Thanksgiving, and many more!

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