Farm Bureau ready to work with new administration

WASHINGTON—As the transition to a new Republican administration begins, Farm Bureau members look forward to working with the new president and members of both parties to solve challenges facing farmers and rural America.

“Farmers and ranchers understand that their businesses and their families have too much at stake to take a back seat on Election Day, and rural America clearly made a difference in this election,” said Zippy Duvall, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation

“Now it’s time for our newly elected leaders to turn up for rural America and keep their campaign promises by addressing the issues that matter to the people who sent them to Washington. Farm Bureau looks forward to working with the new administration and Congress on issues such as the farm bill, tax reform and a trade agenda focused on reducing barriers and expanding exports,” Duvall said.

“We need regulatory reform that boosts farm businesses rather than shutting them down. Farmers are concerned for the environment and are hopeful that the new administration will recognize agriculture’s strides in sustainability and protect our ability to produce.”

Farm Bureau has always been a bipartisan organization supporting farmers, noted Wayne F. Pryor, president of the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation. “We congratulate Mr. Trump on his victory, which was due in large part to the turnout of rural Americans. But farming is rarely a ‘red’ or ‘blue’ issue,” Pryor said. “Solving the economic and social challenges facing rural Virginians requires everyone to work together.”

Media: Contact Greg Hicks, VFBF vice president of communications, at 804-290-1139.

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