Hanover insurance agent succeeds using the Golden Rule

Hanover insurance agent succeeds using the Golden Rule
Virginia Farm Bureau insurance agent Chris Adams embraces one of the world's oldest principles—the Golden Rule—as central to how he conducts himself at work, at home and in the community.

And that credo helped him win the Ralph Stokes Award last year. The award is the Virginia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co.’s highest award. It recognizes a sales agent who supports company policies; is highly respected by peers; supports the agency force; and creates a high degree of client loyalty.

“This is a service-oriented job, so I try to do unto others as I would have them do unto me,” Adams explained. 

When he began working as an agent in Hanover County 24 years ago, Adams was insured through Farm Bureau but had never worked in the insurance business. Throughout his career, he has focused on his clients and on protecting people and things that are precious to them. He believes the best part of being an insurance agent is the opportunity to be a part of people’s lives.

“I’m part of their life when they’re building a house, when they’re having a baby. I have clients who have passed away, and I feel like a part of them is left with me,” Adams remarked. 

VFBMIC Director of Sales Gerald Gardner said Adams “serves as a mentor for many agents across the state. He coaches them through challenges of this job and is willing to reach out to uplift others in the field.”

Adams feels fortunate that treating people well has led to referrals and business growth.
One referral plays an especially important role in his life—his wife of 21 years, Tracie. After he wrote a policy for her, they dated and eventually married. Now, they live on a hobby farm where they’ve raised four children along with cows, horses and chickens.

The desire to help others also has led Adams and his wife to volunteer in more than a dozen community outreach efforts over the years. “I’ve tried to live a life of ministry and service, giving back to the community,” he added. “My faith in God is the rudder that steers me. I am blessed. If I can be a blessing to others, that’s what’s important.”

The 2019 Ralph Stokes Award recipient will be announced in March at the VFBMIC Sales Conference in Roanoke.

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