Forbes tips: filing post-hurricane claim

In the wake of Hurricane Irene, many are scrambling to file auto and homeowners insurance claims. Virginia auto insurance policy holders don't always possess disaster coverage, but events like this will likely send disaster coverage premiums up as many look to add it to existing policies.
Forbes recently published an article to guide insurance policy holders through the best practices for filing an insurance claim properly. The website recommends first checking the given insurer's website, as disasters with enough warning will allow the company to put contingency plans in place to better assist insurance policy holders.

Documenting what occurred, and what the initial damage was is also imperative in filing a claim, the source notes. Taking pictures, writing everything down at the time the damage is inflicted and keeping the documentation organized will help when it comes time to discuss the claim with an insurance agent. If repairs are done before the insurance company gets to the site, receipts and records will be necessary.

For Virginia auto insurance policy holders, the Insurance Information Institute recommends procuring comprehensive coverage. According to III, not all auto insurance holders purchase comprehensive coverage, but this coverage is often the only type that will cover losses to to flooding.

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