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According to Kinetic Analysis, Hurricane Irene and the August 23 earthquake in Virginia accounted for more than $7 billion in damages.

Insurance agencies lend support to individuals in times of need, but in some states across the United States, such as Virginia, hurricanes and earthquakes are neither frequent nor harmful enough to necessitate adding hurricane insurance to a plan, Orange News reports.

In Virginia, both an earthquake and hurricane struck the state in the same week. This left people contemplating whether or not natural disasters were covered under their insurance plans.

According to the news source, instances of severe natural disaster are so infrequent to the state that rarely anyone worried about it. However, following the earthquake on August, 23 of 2011, many Virginians called to ask if they were covered for damages incurred from the earthquake only to find out they must add earthquake insurance onto their current plan.

The news source suggests that natural disaster premiums are relatively affordable, ranging from $100 to $400 per month - approximately $8 to $33 per month, a cost well served to further protect Virginia farm insurance policy holders.

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