Help Protect Your Teenager

Accompanied with the worry of sending out our teenagers on the road is the increased expense of an auto insurance premium, but it's important to protect your children and insure your asset, SpeedLux reports.

A leading auto insurance agency conducted a study and found that teenagers are statistically the most reckless drivers of any demographic.

According to the study, 56 percent of teenage respondents reported using their phones while driving. Furthermore, 13 percent said they text message behind the wheel. In all states, texting while driving is illegal. In due time, drivers will learn to respect the new rules of the road, as such laws have only been enforced over the past few years.

Not surprisingly, nearly half of teenagers noted to the auto insurance agency that they drive more safely when their friends aren't with them. Connecticut, for instance, prohibits all teenage drivers from driving a vehicle without a parent, legal guardian or registered supervisor.

Adding your teenager on your car insurance will save you loads of money, even if they simply cause a fender-bender. More importantly, a teenager is less likely to get into an accident if you teach them to avoid engaging with distractions in the car, such as friends and mobile phones.

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