Read Fine Print When Renting Car

For someone who is fairly new to the rules surrounding auto insurance, it's easy to fall into confusion while renting a car, MSNBC reports.

Ted Van Anne of Colleyville, Texas fell into an auto insurance bind which Virginians may want to watch out for in the future. According to Van Anne, his wife rented a car from Dollar Rent a Car and requested the auto company not include the extra insurance coverage they offered. However, following her trip, she returned her car and found the insurance charges were in fact added on a daily basis. The total fees for the added insurance amounted to $104.

Although she may have asked not to include that insurance, Dollar had records revealing so otherwise. Van Anne's wife may have accidentally signed off on a document, unaware that the extra insurance charges were added. As a result of an on-the-go nature,

Americans don't usually read through the fine print of contracts for trivial things, such as a car rental, so perhaps this was a case of an overlooking customer. Although it was clearly Van Anne's wife's fault that she signed off on the agreement, Dollar reimbursed the Van Annes the full amount of $104.

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