Does The Color Of A Car Affect Insurance Rates?

If you're apprehensive to choose a red or black car because you've ever heard rumors that the color of a car determines auto insurance rates, don't fret, it's all hearsay, The Globe and Mail reports.

Although it may seem logical that a white or zany-colored car is more visible than a darker one and therefore would be less likely to get in accident, your auto insurance company will not reduce your rates.

A leading insurance agency conducted a study and found that light-colored cars, such as yellow, white and cream may be less likely to get involved in accidents during the evening and nighttime hours, when lighter cars are more visible. However, to assume that the color of a car determines crash-rate is unfounded, the agency proclaims.

"There may be some benefit to lighter-colored vehicles, but the effect is probably very small," Russ Rader, spokesman for the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, told the news source. "The risk of crashing is much more driven by the type of vehicle that you're driving. For example, high-performance cars and small cars tend to get in more crashes than big family cars or mini-vans."

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