Ford Fights Distracted Driving

There are enough distractions on the road that keep one's eyes away from the road, such as neon-lit signs and billboards, but even more dangerous are smartphones in the car. In an effort to raise awareness and temper the use of mobile devices in a vehicle, Ford is offering a $25,000 reward to the best music video regarding the dangers of driving distractions, Tucson Sentinel reports.

"The biggest turnoff to a twenty-something consumer is to put their life on hold when they sit in a car," David Mondragon, president of Ford Canada, said in a speech.

Indeed, it's hard for a young adult to ignore a text or phone call while driving. In the United States, it's illegal to text and drive, but the enforcement and penalties correlated with this law vary from state to state, and it remains a huge problem.

In addition to Ford, BMW released a series of advertisements to inform drivers of the consequences of texting and driving, the news source states.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, more than 5,400 people were killed during 2009 as a result of distracted driving.

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