Accomack Still Recovering From Irene reports approximately $8 million dollars in agricultural and $1.3 million in marina losses were incurred as a result of the hurricane. Almost 1,000 people had to seek shelter, of which more than two-thirds were non-English speaking residents, according to the director of public safety, Jason Loftus.

Bill Shockley, Agricultural Extension agent, told the news source that the county lost $4.3 million in tomato crops, $2.5 million in corn and $500,000 of other crops, including nursery stock, vineyards, soybeans and string beans.

For farmers that didn't have flood insurance, this turned out to be a devastating blow, as crop insurance does not include water damage as a result of a natural disaster. Most insurance plans related to crops mainly cover high wind damage, and flood insurance is a separate plan.

The Board of Supervisors approved the request for Stewart Hall, public works director, to repair the damaged docks. The docks are expected to be funded for and fully repaired within two months, according to the news source.

According to the news source, director of public safety, Jason Loftus, said the county has three primary needs: Increased emergency power for the county administration building, enhanced emergency operations and additional staff members for emergency support teams.

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