Insurance Association Supports NTSB Ban

In response to a recent call by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) for a federal ban on the use of personal electronic devices while driving, the American Insurance Association (AIA) recently indicated its support.

"The American Insurance Association supports the NTSB’s recommendation to ban non-emergency use of personal electronic devices while driving," said AIA president and CEO Leigh Ann Pusey. "When you consider that driving is the most dangerous daily activity for the typical American, few issues are more important than our actions behind the wheel."

She noted the auto insurance industry is committed to improved driver safety, which industry stakeholders may be more aware of due to the requirements of risk assessment.

According to NBC affiliate WSLS, Virginia 8th District Delegate Greg Habeeb indicated that tighter restrictions on the use of personal electronic devices may be approaching, but the NTSB's attempt to secure such a broad ban was surprising.

Public support may not yet be sufficient for such a sweeping measure, Habeeb told WSLS, though he noted increased awareness is a necessary first step toward stronger legislation. State Senator John Edwards of the 20th District indicated that it would likely take years for attitudes to change enough to pass such a law. He also said that legislation may need to exclude hands-free devices from the ban in order to succeed.

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