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You can’t beat beets for a summer of nutritious meals

Beets can be a delicious summer side dish, as well as a colorful addition to an otherwise green salad.

Food deserts found amidst plentiful local food supplies

A food desert is not a new geography term; it’s an apt description of areas where low-income consumers either cannot afford healthy, nutritious food or don’t have affordable transportation to that food.

Wear life jacket, follow rules, boat safely

Many people spend their summers—or part of their summers—on lakes and rivers, boating and having a good time. Too many boating accidents occur each year, and many could have been avoided if careful attention was placed on boating safety.

Air quality specialist says beef not to blame for emissions

Dr. Frank Mitloehner’s research at the University of California-Davis challenged the United Nations’ claims that livestock are responsible for most greenhouse gas emissions.

Study shows farmers’ commitment to environment in bay watershed

As Americans celebrate the environment 41 years after the first Earth Day, Virginia farmers are looking back and noting how far they’ve come in that same time period.

Stink bugs pose threat to Va. farms

Brown marmorated stink bugs are more than just smelly little insects.

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