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Agricultural workers often hard to find

Finding good help seems to be a universal problem in the agriculture industry.

H-2A confusing but necessary for many producers

Many of Virginia’s agricultural producers could be out of business or forced to downsize if it weren’t for the federal H-2A program that allows foreign citizens to temporarily work on a U.S. farm.

Owners standing up for property rights in eminent domain cases

Use of eminent domain to seize privately owned land has the potential to affect thousands of Virginians every day.

Kelo decision has spurred changes in 42 states

It’s been almost three years since a U.S. Supreme Court decision made people realize their American dreams literally could be snatched right out from under them. 

Eminent domain could affect ‘about 90 percent of Virginians’

Edd Jennings, a Wythe County beef producer, looks at once-productive alfalfa fields on his farm that are no longer useable due to sinkholes a local utility company created when it installed a natural gas pipeline. He also worries about the possibility of that line leaking into the New River, which borders his property.

‘We wanted three things. … We actually got all three’

Virginia farmers and their counterparts nationwide began signing up late last month for programs that under the new federal farm policy will deliver some certainty for the 2008 crop year.

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