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Some Virginia farms producing their own energy

Virginia farms are beginning to use energy technology such as wind turbines, solar panels and anaerobic digesters in hopes of cutting energy costs and farming in a more environmentally friendly fashion.

Teens’ decreased milk consumption puts them, dairy industry at risk

In recent years, consumption of dairy products among U.S. teens and preteens has decreased drastically. That not only creates a health risk foryouth, but also has affected demand for milk and other dairy products.

Daylilies are a hot option for summer color

Daylilies will thrive in a variety of light, soil and water conditions. And their blooms peak when the mercury does.

Va. farmers: Estate tax reform needed now

Time is running out for thousands of Virginia farm families worried about how they are going to pay estate taxes after Dec. 31.

Most consumers buy eggs from cage systems

A study of retail checkout scanner transactions indicates Americans are buying eggs from farms that use cage housing for their hens by a margin of 40 to one over eggs from cage-free systems.

Demonstration horse farm focuses on protecting water quality

A new demonstration horse farm in Prince William County is designed to show new farm owners and horse owners how to better protect their watersheds. "The Big Reveal" of the farm is set for June 11 at Oakwood Farm in Gainesville.

Halifax family cares for pigs that feed 150,000 each year

On Page and Bobbie Wilkerson’s 1,200-sow farm, caring for the animals is a 24/7 job.

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