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Get youself—and your home—prepared for summer storms

Get youself—and your home—prepared for summer storms
Hurricanes often make more headlines during the summer and fall, but the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety cautions homeowners to not underestimate the destructive and deadly force of thunderstorms.

A measure of caution can help prevent kitchen fires

In a season when people spend extra time in the kitchen, it’s extra important to cook safely and know what to do in the event of a fire.

Winter months are leading home fire months

Cooking, heating, holiday decorations and candles all contribute to an increased risk of fire during the winter months.

Heat meats properly to ensure a safe cookout

Memorial Day kicks off the official grilling season, so make sure you’re grilling safely.

Protect your home now against potential hurricanes

The Atlantic hurricane season officially began June 1 and will run through Nov. 30. Because wind and rain from hurricanes or tropical storms can cause significant damage to personal property, the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety encourages property owners to strengthen the critical elements of their buildings to protect them from hurricane damage.

Keep the sparkle, avoid the sparks with safe holiday lights!

Keep the sparkle, avoid the sparks with safe holiday lights!
Holiday lights add a festive touch to your home—inside and out! But before you start decorating, make sure you are “current” on how to decorate safely.

Install smoke alarms in bedrooms during National Fire Prevention Week

Every bedroom needs a working smoke alarm. That’s why “Hear the Beep Where You Sleep” is the theme of this year's National Fire Prevention Week, Oct. 4-10.

Take steps to prevent electrical fires at home

Flipping a light switch or plugging in a device is second nature to most people, but it is important to keep electrical safety in mind—both inside and outside the home.

Follow product guidelines, use caution with heating appliances

When the weather turns cold, some farmers and homeowners spend more time in unheated barns and workshops. To keep warm, many turn to wood-burning stoves or space heaters.

Safe cookouts are the best cookouts

While grilling food can be a fun, healthy way to cook, it requires a measure of caution.

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