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Virginia’s 2015 agricultural exports valued at $3.19 billion

Farm and forestry exports from Virginia in 2015 were valued at $3.19 billion, 4.7 percent less than in 2014.

Recycled trees are post-holiday gifts for the environment

Recycled trees are post-holiday gifts for the environment
Jennifer Gagnon, Virginia Forest Landowner Education program coordinator, said fresh-cut Christmas trees can be recycled or repurposed into natural products, wildlife habitat or feeding areas to attract wildlife.

To prevent timber theft, mark and maintain boundary lines

The single most important thing landowners can do to protect timberland is to know their boundary lines and maintain them.

Forestry department warns seniors of timber scam

The Virginia Department of Forestry has received reports of a man who, posing as a representative of that agency, has approached older landowners about buying the timber on their property.

New guide offers forestland management information

A new guide has been published to help farmers and timber owners with limited resources to manage their land economically.

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