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Keep insurance needs in mind during uncertain times

Keep insurance needs in mind during uncertain times

Nobody is immune to the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, and now’s an opportune time to evaluate how changes to work and travel routines may have altered your insurance needs.

To identify any insurance gaps that may have surfaced during the pandemic, it’s important to speak with your Farm Bureau insurance agent to review your policies. In-person, phone and video meetings can be arranged by calling your local Farm Bureau office.

“The pandemic continues to change the way we live and work, and it’s critical to understand that the insurance policies you previously established may need to be updated to reflect those changes,” said Gerald Gardner, director of sales for Virginia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co. “Whatever those changes may be, we want to make sure you’re properly covered.”

With more people and businesses gravitating toward remote work settings, customers may need to review their personal property coverage to ensure their home office equipment is properly covered.

Without proper coverage in place, the full value of business property used in a residence may not be covered in the event of a loss. Also, unendorsed homeowner policies do not automatically provide coverage for on-premises business liability. Contacting your insurance agent can help you determine which policies will best cover your business or home office.

“While working remotely has allowed many businesses and their employees to navigate through difficult circumstances successfully, it also opens the possibility of coverage gaps,” Gardner said. “Obtaining the correct coverage under your homeowner or business owner policies will protect business assets wherever you’re working.”

Much like unendorsed homeowner policies, personal auto insurance policies will not cover vehicles being used for business purposes. To protect against additional liability risks, customers should discuss with their agent the need for a commercial auto policy.

Additionally, if changes in vehicle usage or mileage are permanent, the policy needs to be properly rated.

“As we continue to realize the pandemic’s effects, we’re encouraging customers to keep close contact with their Farm Bureau agents to make sure their interests are covered and they’re taking advantage of available discounts,” Gardner said.

“With so much uncertainty going around, the last thing we want is for a customer to experience a loss they weren’t prepared for.”